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Double bed with side tableDouble bed with side table work is a very common requirement for household, we provide service to our customer with 100% satisfaction. If you are looking for carpentry services for your household then you have landed on a perfect solution page.
Service:Double bed with side table
Details:No matter how much you try to keep your sofa spotless and stain-proof, you can never win this battle. It seems like whatever is not supposed to get on the sofa always does. But our technician will make it like new.

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FacilityKart is the emerging enterprise for completing your all home need work hassle free. We also have expertise in all electrical, plumbing and carpentry services.

Our carpentry service includes:

  1. Making New Items like sofa, chairs, side tables, shoe racks:Making new brand sofa, chairs, doors, side tables, office tables, classy TV stands, modular kitchen wardrobe cabinets and shoe stands.
  2. Cleaning of Wooden and glass items:Cleaning of sofa sets, doors, window and door glasses, and appliances. Cleaning will remove fungus, bacteria and other infectious microbes from these items and will increase the life of your wooden items.
  3. Installation and fixing of doors and other wooden items:If you have ordered it online or purchased by yourself from shop and facing some problem in installing it properly, we are here to help you.
  4. Repair of household items:Repair of sofa, chairs, doors, side tables, office tables, TV stands, modular kitchen wardrobe cabinets and shoe stands.

We will provide you day to day activity chart, supervision of your work with an expert, starting and completion date, GPS monitoring of each employees, and we will keep you informed about every step of the work. We will always ready to answer your questions. Call 7042736363or fill out the form using our APP or website to schedule an appointment for a free estimate today.
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