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In summers, air cooler are the necessity of every house, so Cooler Repair & Installation becomes an important household work. We have expertise to provide timely and courteous complete repair service for coolers, swamp coolers, oil coolers, charge air coolers, and other cooling units. Call FacilityKart today for more information on evaporative or swamp cooler repairs.

Our Services Includes:

  • Repairing- Oil Cooler Repairs, Heat Exchangers, And Steam Units – Complete repair service, cleaning, rodding, newly built, custom built, industrial, and commercial

  • Charge Air Coolers – Re-cores, cleaning and testing, specially built charge air coolers, new charge air cooler units.
  • Repair Swamp Coolers - Like any other household appliance, your swamp cooler needs a good annual dose of TLC before being put into full service. Let us repair your swamp cooler before being put into full service.
  • Cooler Installation - Need a new evaporative cooler installed in your home? Contact us for evaporative cooler and installation services.

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