Corporate Tie Ups


Corporate tie-ups have become a significant feature of business operations.It is imperative for Service providers these days to work closely with local national and international organisations.Business from corporate tie-ups is what every service-based business provider is targeting at, discounts, promotional schemes and much more.These Services Could Range From Categories Like plumbing, Electrician,Carpentry,Pest Control,R.O etc This go a long way for industry players to broadened their horizons to target specific consumer trends. Long-term partnership, large consumer base and revenue stability have prompted service-based business brands to add more corporate clients on its roll.If you are a Corporate Employee and would like your Company to make best use of Our Services, we request you to convey information about us to your Maintenance Team, so that they could contact us with their requirements and it would indeed be our pleasure to work with your Organisation.We cordially invite Maintenance Team of Corporate Companies to reach out to us and get more information about our support towards Corporate Employee Benefit Programs and other Services.We facilitate in establishing Corporate Tie-Ups between Corporate Companies and the Brands/Vendors, negotiate with these Brands/Vendors for the best Corporate Discount Offers/Plans that they could offer exclusively to Corporate Employees.We then communicate this information to Corporate Employees so that they could get the Best Corporate Discount Offers for the Products & Services that they would be looking for.Our corporate clients include Giants companies that include both local national and international organisations from various industries.If you want to be a part of them and are not aware about the tie-up, don’t miss on the golden opportunity. Talk to our operation manager @ 7042736363 or email at

      Why Facilitykart?

  1. We provide 90 minutes guaranteed service.
  2. Separate Customer support for each Corporates.
  3. Proper Invoice of each work will be provided after successful completion of work.
  4. We Provide 30 days work guarantee.

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