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The smartest way to reduce air conditioning costs in the summer and circulate cool air in the summer is to have a ceiling fan installed in your home/office. We at take the precautions necessary to ensure your ceiling fan installation is done correctly.

In addition to saving on utility costs, installing a ceiling fan also adds decorative appeal to any room. Ceiling fans can enhance your room's current aesthetics and can also serve as additional lighting.

Even a quiet little squeak from a ceiling fan can become annoying and aggravating. This noise can also be warnings of serious troubles, too, so don’t ignore it./span>

What we Do?

  • • Ceiling fan installation and repairing
  • • Wall fan installation and repairing
  • • Exhaust fan installation and repairing

Part of maintaining your home throughout the seasons includes making timely energy improvements. For timely work that is done right, call your local FacilityKart Technician today at 70-42-736363.

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