Ms. Aggrawal’s Experience

Customer Name: Ms. Archana Aggrawal
Customer Address: Sector 47,,Gurgaon
Complaint Category: Electrical/
Customer Overall Rating: 4/5

Experience Diary #17-September-2015
It was Vishwakarma Day, The day is known as a day when no one touches his metallic tools and equipment, It is the day they worship it instead of using. Our all technician were on leave and even our Google advertisement were offline. At 11 pm we got a call from Ms. Archana resident of sector-47 gurgaon, she needed an electrician ASAP to repair heavily sparking MCB and short-circuit problem. First we apologized her that due to absence of our technician we won’t be able to book her complaint but then she sounded very troubled and disturbed and she insisted to send someone at any cost. We understood her urgency and realized that how worried she was.
We contacted our technician and requested him to have a visit at archana’s house. Despite of Vishwakarma Pooja he understood the situation and left to visit her problem.
Finally Ms. Archana was very with our service and she even wrote us a review.