Mr Dhama’s Experience

Customer Name: Mr. Dhama
Customer Address:,Udyog vihar,Phase 5,gurgaon
Complaint Category: Plumbing/Underground Pipe Leakage
Customer Overall Rating : 5/5

Experience Diary #13-July-2015
Mr. Dhama is our regular client and runs a small factory of shoe, in the month August it was his 4th complaint for Plumbing, our call attendant took his call, greeted him and repeated a small brief about his last complaint which he had booked for water motor installation few days ago.
He then replied that his motor is working just fine but this time there is a new problem in his underground water piping system and he needs a plumber immediately, we booked his complaint and sent our best plumbing technician right away, his factory was 6 km away from our headquarter sohna road Gurgaon, so it took him around 20 minute on his bike to reach there. It was and underground leakage and even with infrared heat detector it took around 30 minute to identify the exact leak spot.
It was very tough to repair the leak without disturbing factory work but with his experience and skill he preciously made a hole at wall from where it was leaking and changed the broken pipe carefully. It took more than 90 minutes to finish the task.
Now Mr. Dhama is so happy with our quality of work that he took an yearly subscription for the maintenance of his shoe factory.