Mr Ashish Sharma’s Experience

Customer Name: Ashish sharma
Customer Address: S block, 3rd Floor,DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon
Complaint Category: Electric/ Ac Not Cooling
Customer Overall Rating : 5/5

Experience Diary #13-September-2015
Sundays are known to be the most cheerful day of the week when we all enjoy and chill out with our families and friends and we cannot imagine our AC to break down in the middle of the day. It happened with our customer Mr. Ashish resident of DLF phase 3 at noon he dialed the local technician and due to Sunday no body responded to him.
After losing faith in local repairing shop he saw our Umbrella Advertisement right outside of his society, he called us and requested to send an AC Expert immediately and within one hour our best technician visited him, It was a 2 ton of HITACHI AC, he checked his and found a leak in gas and after identifying it, he fixed the probable cause of leak and re-filled gas in just 45 minute by 6PM.
Mr. Sharma called us again to know more about our other services and thanked us for saving his weekend and rated us 5 star.