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Cockroaches, are the most common insect pests infesting homes, food service establishments and other structures in Kentucky. Cockroaches are repulsive and objectionable to most people simply by their presence.The reason for worry and why the cockroach control is so critical is that cockroaches that carry germs and bacteria are a serious threat to health and safety. They are also capable of mechanically transmitting disease organisms such as the bacteria which cause food poisoning. Recently, cockroaches have been found to be an important source of allergy in people, second only to house dust.Cockroaches prefer to live where there is food, warmth and moisture.
Service: Cockroach Control
Details: We use Bait Gel Paste inside the kitchens, platforms, toilets, bathrooms and bedrooms for cockroaches. This effective gel works efficiently by means of that, if one cockroach feeds the gel is used to kill at least 40 other cockroaches through dropping dead body.

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