Mr. Prashant Experience

Customer Name: Mr. Prashant
Customer Address: Sushant lok,Gurgaon
Complaint Category: Painting
Customer Overall Rating: 5/5

Experience Diary #17-November-2015

Mr. Prashant suddenly found that there is lot of dust sicked to his paint in his house. Then he planned to paint his home with latest colours and trends. He contacted several painters and local ones. But he found that some were not having all the equipment and some were charging too much. Then he try to find someone online. suddenly on the google first page he found the facilitykart link. He contacted us our painter was his doorstep and given the approximate idea of the total cost. He compared it with all the other painter cost and found that facilitykart was the best one.He booked our painting service and he even took the charges for the other services too.