Geyser Services from Facilitykart

Geyser is an expensive and sensitive unit which requires periodic attention for smooth running. You must have experienced some major issues with Geyser Installation and maintenance services in the past and you thought you were taken for a ride in this process. Maybe your electricity bill that's giving you have a headache. But in winter one just can't do without Geyser. We are here to provide professional help to solve all your problems related to Geyser.

Know what is wrong with your unit

  • Your Geyser Not Heating?
  • Geyser is Over heating ?
  • Shock in Geyser?
  • Geyser earthing problem ?
  • Geyser coil burnt?

Geyser Services

Looking for someone to help in Geyser installation? Facility Kart can help you with that.

Geyser Fitting and Installation

We have best technician to install your Geyser in bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in home and connecting it with water supply properly. We will be happy to do that for you.

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